Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ariana's Album Introuctions Idea

Hey everyone!! So, today/yesterday, Ariana had a great idea for a countdown to her album. She decided that during the lead-up to the release date (September 3rd) of her album she will be posting heaps of little previews to songs. She'll be introducing the songs in some little videos every few days during the big lead-up.
Ariana's going to start this next week and she'll be posting cover art and pre-order info soon.
She's excited about this, the album's been finished and it's going to be released in only a few months.

Here are Ariana tweets-

Just came up with a fun idea for you all. Wanna hear?

As a little "thank you" for all of the incredible things you've done to support me & my music the past few months with and ...

and since the album is still a little wait away (Sept 3)... Next week, I'm going to start introducing you guys to the album 1 song at a time

What I mean is starting next week every few days or so I'll be posting little vids introducing each song to u as a countdown to the album :)

Sound good? Also you'll be getting the cover art and preorder information soon.. (around next week soon, I know I have to clarify my soons)

Glad to see you're excited. I am too. :) These next few months are going to be a lot of fun. Love you.

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