Sunday, December 22, 2013


Hi Everyone, sorry but i won't be posting anything on this blog for the next 1-2 months because i will not have regular access to a computer. To kep up to date with Ariana, check out her twitter by clicking here

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Miami & South Florida Jingle Ball's

Ariana recently performed at her last two Jingle Ball's for the year. The Jingle Balla's are Christmas concerts organised by I Heart Radio. Ariana has performed at many of these concerts all around the U over the past few days. 
You can look at some photos and tweets below-


Last Jingle Ball in South Florida was perfect.... good to do a show at home ❤️❤️❤️❤️❄️ y'all are perfect thank u I Heart radio I had a blast

Brought my favorite 2 people in the world on the red carpet tonight ❄️❄️❄️Thank u Y100

Last Jingle Ball was tonight! what an amazing experience. thank you I ❤️ radio I love you ❄️❄️❄️

just got the most exciting news.. I'm in tears ❤️ 2014 is going to be the most fun yet. many surprises in store for y'all get ready 🎉🎉🎉

promised I'd post this. I love you guys so much  

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Kisses EP

Over the past few weeks, Ariana has released 4 Christmas songs including original tracks, covers and unique renditions. The songs include, Snow In California, Last Christmas, Santa Baby and Love Is Everything.

They have all been released on iTunes as part of an EP, called Christmas Kisses. You can view the EP  iTunes store by searching it up.


November/December Video

In celebration of reaching 12 Million folowewrs on twitter, Ariana posted a video on her youtube with footage of her and her friends, family and crew over the November and December months. The video was filmed and edited by Ariana's super talented friend, Jones Crow.

The video was inspired by Ariana friend and Victorious co-star Matt Bennett's videos that he used to make with footage from each month of him with his friends and family. Ariana and Jones' video includes some amazing footage of travelling, Ariana's crew dancing, being re-united with her best friend Alexa and visiting her grandparents. 

You can watch it here-

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Z100 Jingle Ball & B96 Jingle Bash

Ariana has recently performed at KIIS FM's Jingle Ball and has just performed at Z100 & iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball and B96's Jingle Bash. She has worn some amazing outfits and has done some great performances.

You can see Ariana tweets and some of her instagram pictures below-

Madison square gardennnnnnnnn i 💗 Z100

thank you Z100 & I 💗 radio ❄️

❄️ Madison Square Garden I <3 Radio

last 1 :) can't believe I got to perform at Madison Square Garden. Grateful! Sweet dreams

Off to Chicago. Can't wait to sing for you all tonight at and see all my friends at B96 radio X

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ariana & Liz Gillies' Cover of 'Santa Baby'

Ariana and one of her best friends (and Victorious co-star) Liz Gillies recorded a duet cover of Christmas song, 'Santa Baby'. They released it early this morning on iTunes.

Santa Baby feat. comes out tonight at midnight :)

Santa Baby is out now!!! ❄️💋💋 Thank you to my bff for singing this w me, love you. Hope everyone enjoys.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ariana at KIIS FM's 2013 Annual Jingle Ball

Yesterday, Ariana did a big performance at the annual KISSFM Jingle Ball Concert. Despite having bronchitis, Ariana still performed amazingly. She wore a beautiful white dress and wore her her out and slightly curled. You can watch the performance and view pictures from the night below.


Performing The Way

Right There

There are many more videos of her performances of Last Christmas and Honeymoon Avenue. You can check them out by clicking here

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ariana Helping Susan G Komen Womean's health initiative

Today, Ariana performed a concert for Schurr High School organised by the US radio station POWER106. They raised money for Susan G Komen Women's health initiative, which is a cause close to Ariana's heart. You can read about Ariana's connection with this cause below. 

5 hours ago
Thank you POWER106 & Schurr High School for raising money for Susan G Komen Women's health initiative & for having me today. I lost my aunt to breast cancer a few years ago so this charity in particular means a lot to me. Aunt Judy and I appreciate it! Grateful to have met so many of you today. Thank you for welcoming me. :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Snow In California- Christmas Song #3

Just 1 hour ago, Ariana released her new single, Snow in California. The song is part of her Christmas EP and is absoloutly amazing. You can view the song on online iTunes here

Ariana's Tweets-

Happy to be in Dallas for some fun. See you all at Jingle Ball tomorrow! x

Who's going to stay up til midnight to hear ??❄️

so excited & nervous for y'all to hear it... love seeing how excited you are. I'll retweet & countdown with you today :)

Dear Santa, what happened to the plan we had? I checked the news and it said it'd be a sunny day... make it go away ❄️

It'll most likely come out early as always... preview: iTunes link:

Snow in California is now out on iTunes!! 💕💕❄️🎉

Friday, November 29, 2013

Ariana at The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Ariana recently performed her rendition of Last Christmas on a float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Ariana wore a beautiful light blue coat and fluffy earmuffs in the cold weather. You can see some pictures below-

thanks to this site for the info

Monday, November 25, 2013

Love is Everything

Ariana's new original Christmas single is out! It's called Love is Everything, you can vie the song on the online iTunes here
You can listen it in the video below from Youtube. 


My new Christmas song is now available on iTunes, hope you enjoy


Earlier today at the American Music awards, Ariana won the New Artist of The Year award and did an absoloutly amazing performance. Ariana was super happy that she won the award, as she was announced she hugged her friend Jennette and she went onstage a gave her speech. Ariana also performed her song Tattooed Heart, you can watch the performance below.

Already at the venue for sound check, sooo nervous / excited for tonight

That was the most nerve wracking thing ever and I haven't had access to my phone all day but hi y'allllll love u I'm so nervous! u watching?

oh gawd I haven't had my phone all night but thank you thank you thank you, such an exciting night & I owe it to u all. love u with all my 💓

I love you guys so so so much. that's all I've been thinking. thank you times a million 💕

dude.................... tonight was the coolest. can't get over it. thank you again and my precious precious fans wtf ily.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Love Is Everything Preview

Ariana just released a preview to her new original Christmas song, Love is Everything. You can hear the preview on Ariana's instagram here

Love Is Everything on iTunes this Tuesday ❄️ Love you guys ❤️

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Love Is Everything- Next Christmas Song!

Today, Arina tweeted the name of the 2nd song she will be releasing as part of her Christmas EP. The song will be called Love Is Everything, and is an original. ARiana said the message is about feeling beautiful and feeling good.

Next week's Christmas song is an original called . The message is beautiful & feel good..❄️❤️ I can't wait for U to hear it

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last Christmas!!

Ariana just released her rendition of the famous Christmas song, Last Christmas. It sounds amazing and has a really nice twist on the original song. It's currently avaliable on the US iTunes and will most likely be in other countries in a few days.

You can view on the online US iTunes by clicking here

You can listen to it here-


is trending!! You guys are too amazing ilysm! came out early!!! enjoy 💕❄️❄️

drinking some tea refreshing my tl reading your comments on smiling so hard...i love making music for u. this makes me happy.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Last Christmas Preview #2

A few hours ago, Ariana posted the 2nd preview to her rendition of the famous christmas song, Last Christmas. You can watch the second preview by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

'Last Christmas' Preview

In 7 days, Ariana will be releasing a cover to the popular Christmas song, Last Christmas. As a part of Arianas upcoming Christmas EP, she will be releasing a song every week leading up to Christmas. You can hear the preview to the first song, Last Christmas here, Ariana posted it on her instagram as a video.

Monday, November 11, 2013

EMA Backstage Experience

Today, Ariana along with Will Best attended and hosted the backstage show at the MTV EMAs. They interviewed celebrities, chatted and talked about the show so far. Ariana wore a gorgeous white dress with black lace embroidery and wore her hair in her signature half up/half down style. 

 The videos from the show are viewable on MTV's websites and the link may be different for different countries. If you live in Australia, you can view the videos here

Here are some screenshots from the show-

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ariana nominated for the MTV EMAs Artist on the Rise

A few days ago, the voting started for the MTV EMAs. Ariana is nominated for the Artist on the rise award. Voting takes place on sites including twitter, instagram and vine, and all you need to do to vote is use the hashtag #votearianagrande or retweet a tweet with the hashtag and it counts as a vote. 

Ariana currently has over two million votes and is super close to singer, Austin Mahone. They have both spent a lot of time at #1 and it will be a very close result. You can view the ladder here, to see who's ahead.

Ariana is currently in Berlin and is visiting many places around Europe, you can see what she is doing on her twitter, here. Any votes for Ariana will be appreciated and it would be great if you could help us win this award.

(this is not up to date, to view the up to date ladder, click here)


Who'll win the Artist on the Rise Award at the 2013 ? It's up to you! Find out how to vote:

omg wait.. I'm literally crying / laughing my ass off at all of your tweets!! ilysm regardless of whether or not we win.

ahhh idk if it's just on my computer but is the # 1 trend apparently. I love you guys so much. You're amazing. Thank you!

oh wait nevermind it was from before lol. 🙊 either way thank you for the votes. :* Y'all are so dedicated, seriously can't thank you enough.

wait now everybody's telling me it IS trending.. I'm technologically challenged, forgive me lol. Either way, the thought is what matters ily