Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Young Ariana Grande

Arianas Youtube account has videos uploaded from almost 5 years ago (January 2007) she has uploaded many videos of her and her friends, singing, dancing and acting (back when she had brown hair). On Youtube Ariana also put up a mini tv show sereis called 'Freaky Forever'.

'Last Dance' Cover On Youtube

Arianas cover of 'Last Dance' by Donna Summer was posted on Youtube yesterday, she covers it really well, we cannot wait for her next cover.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ariana Reaches 1,000,000 Twitter Followers

Ariana has officially reached One Million Twitter followers (around 1,025,000 at the moment), she is amazing and we are sure she is gaining more and more followers each minute. Ariana posts lots of Twitter updates and really deserves to reach 1 million followers, who knows, maybe next year she will have 10 million.

20 Reasons Why We Adore Ariana

1. She is kind to her fans
2. She is a super talented actress
3. She is a super talented actress
4. She is Gorgeous <3
5. She tweets like every 10 minutes
6. She follows fans on Twitter
7. She sings covers on YouTube
8. She uploads videos to YouTube
9. She is on Victorious (The Best Show)
10. She has the coolest YouTube name
11. She has the most gorgeous hair
12. She sings 'Put Your Hearts Up'
13. Her music is on iTunes
14. She always smiles
15. She has a lovely voice
16. She is caring
17. She helps charities
18. She has an amazing clothes style
19. She is kind to her fans
20. She is so sweet
We could make a list of 1,000,000 if we could, she is so amazing :)

Ariana Grande Covers Last Dance

Ariana tweeted that she has just covered 'Last Dance' she will put up on YouTube soon.

Ariana In New York

Ariana has released many tweets on her flight to New York, she seems very excited to "Be Back". We hope she has an amazing holiday.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Put Your Hearts Up Music Video

Ariana Grande recently posted a picture on twitter (twitpic) of her filming the music video to her debut single 'Put Your Hearts Up'. We cannot wait till it comes out! We are sure it will be amazing.

Back on Youtube

Ariana is back on youtube, on her account osnapitzari yesterday she made a video saying that she has finished shooting and that she is sorry she has not made many videos lately but she will make a lot this holidays. Ariana said she has thought of heaps of songs she wants to cover, we are sure they will be great.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 In 12

Ariana alongside 11 other stars, won Popstar magazines '12 in [20]12' breakthrough stars award. Congrats to Ariana, we are sure she will make it big time as a singer and actress, she is so talented.

Put Your Hearts Up

Ariana Grande's Debut Single 'Put Your Hearts Up' is now on itunes. Put your hearts up is a perfect mix of pop and romantic music, it gets you dancing but at the same time thinking. Ariana Is An Amazing Singer who is sure to succeed in the music business.

Ariana Grande Fansite

Welcome to The Ariana Grande Fansite, an unofficial guide to everything Ariana. Ariana is an amazing singer and very talented 'Cat' in the hit show Victorious.
So check in here weekly to see whats new with the amazing Ariana Grande.