Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Piano by Ariana Grande (Song Preview)

Today Ariana posted on Keek and Instagram, a video playing one of the songs on her upcoming album, called Piano. The preview sounds really good and sounds liek a really nice, upbeat song.

Ariana said-

Here's the preview-

Monday, July 29, 2013

Swindle Trailer and Pics!

Nickelodeon recently released a trailer for Ariana's upcoming movie, Swindle. Ariana filmed it during 2012 alongside Jennette McCurdy, Ciara Bravo and many more. The trailer talks about the cast and a little about the story, here it is-

I also found these great pictures from Swindle from this amazing website, if you want to see more similar pictures and news, check it out. xx

The movie sounds amazing! I'm super excited to see it when it's released 
Here are some of my faves pics- 

Click here to see more pictures from Swindle-

Pics From Filming Baby I

I just found some great pictures of Ariana and her crew filming the music video for Baby I. Ariana looks amazing, she has styled her hair differently, she's wearing amazing clothes and the pictures look really great!! 
I got the pictures from this amazing website!! It's a great website with heaps of pics and news, if you'd like to see more pictures from the Baby I music video shoot, click here. xx
Here are some of my fave pics from the day-

click read more if you want to see more pics!

Baby I Lyric Video

Today, Ariana posted the officla lyric video to Baby I on youtube. It's a cute video with animated lyrics coming onscreen as they are sung. Check it out here-

The official Baby I lyric video is out now: Hope you enjoy

Filming 'Baby I' Music Video

Today, Ariana and her dancers/back-up singers went to film the music video for her new single, Baby I. Ariana posted some pictures on instagram, keeks and tweets throughout the day. Ari seemed to have a great time and lots of fun. xx

Trying something new with my hair for the video. This never happens. πŸ’•

Here's a video of them filming the video from Youtube-

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ariana's Album Introuctions Idea

Hey everyone!! So, today/yesterday, Ariana had a great idea for a countdown to her album. She decided that during the lead-up to the release date (September 3rd) of her album she will be posting heaps of little previews to songs. She'll be introducing the songs in some little videos every few days during the big lead-up.
Ariana's going to start this next week and she'll be posting cover art and pre-order info soon.
She's excited about this, the album's been finished and it's going to be released in only a few months.

Here are Ariana tweets-

Just came up with a fun idea for you all. Wanna hear?

As a little "thank you" for all of the incredible things you've done to support me & my music the past few months with and ...

and since the album is still a little wait away (Sept 3)... Next week, I'm going to start introducing you guys to the album 1 song at a time

What I mean is starting next week every few days or so I'll be posting little vids introducing each song to u as a countdown to the album :)

Sound good? Also you'll be getting the cover art and preorder information soon.. (around next week soon, I know I have to clarify my soons)

Glad to see you're excited. I am too. :) These next few months are going to be a lot of fun. Love you.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baby I!!

Ariana's new single Baby I, has just been released on iTunes.
I think it's only avaliable in the US at the moment, but you can view it on the online iTunes page here (and listen to the preview). It sounds really amazing and is already 3rd on the US charts within 2 hours of being released. You can hear a radio recording of Baby I here.

The song has a really nice feeling to it, it sounds sort of R&B/Hip Hop/Pop (sorry, i'm not very good at reconising musical genres) and it is a really nice song overall.

Ariana has been super excited tweeting countdowns till Baby I got released, here are some of her tweets after Baby I was released-
NUMBER 3 ON ITUNES IN 2 HOURS? You guys are unbelievable. Thank you again & I love you. No words, what a happy night

Oh my god top 10 already it's been an hour. You guys are so INCREDIBLE. I'm so glad you're enjoying Baby I


Baby I - Single by Ariana Grande It's out early! Enjoy, I love you

Ariana's Organic Garden

Ariana recently tweeted a picture of her new of her new organic garden. She planted a cute garden full of fruit and veges, including peppers, watermelon, sunflowers, strawberries and many more.
Here are some of Ariana tweets and a pic of the garden-

My little organic garden is done!! Thank u to 1 of my favorite people for helping me do this. So happy.🌻

Planted kale, tomatoes, watermelon, sunflowers, cayenne, jalapeΓ±o and shoshito peppers, celery, cilantro, nasturtium and strawberries 🌞❤πŸ™πŸŒ»

'Baby I' Lyrics

Today, Ariana posted the lyrics to her upcoming single, Baby I, on her Tumblr.
Here they are-

Baby I got love for thee so deep inside of me I don’t know where to start
I love you more than anything
But the words cant even touch what’s in my heart
When I try to explain it I be sounding insane
The words don’t ever come out right
I get all tongue tied (and twisted)
I can’t explain what I’m feeling
So I say baby baby, baby

Baby I (ooh baby, oh baby, my baby)
Baby I (ooh baby, baby I)
All I’m tryna say is you’re my everything baby
But everytime I try to say it
Words they only complicate it
(baby, baby ohohohoh)

Baby I’m so down for you no matter what you
(Real talk) I’ll be around
See baby I been feelin’ you
Before I knew what feelings were about

When I try to explain it I be sounding insane
The words don’t ever come out right
I get all tongue tied (and twisted)
I can’t explain what I’m feeling
So I say baby baby, baby
Baby I (ooh baby, baby I)
All I’m tryna say is you’re my everything baby
But everytime I try to say it
Words they only complicate it
(baby, baby ohohohoh)

Staright up you got me (all in)
How could I not be I sure hope you know
If it’s even possible
I love you more
Than word Love can say it
It’s better not explaining that why I keep saying…
Baby I

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Album Title?

Ariana has previously said that she is naming her album, Daydreamin', but we aren't sure if she's sticking with that name. This site says that Ariana announced on Power 106 radio, that she is naming her album Yours Truly. She is likely going to be releasing it on September 3rd. xx

'The Listening Sessions' Presale

Today, Ariana announced that the presale tickets for her upcoming US/Canada tour, The Listening Sessions, will be on sale at 10am Thursday (US time). So if, you're interested, check it out in the link below. xx

Ariana Tweeted-
Presale for The Listening Sessions Tour is happening at 10am tomorrow Thurs!! Here's the link The password is THEWAY

'Baby I' Cover Art

Today, Ariana tweeted a pic of the cover art to Baby I
I love it! I think it's really pretty and suits the song (what i've heard so far) really well.

Ariana Tweeted-

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baby I- Preview

Today, Ariana posted a preiview of her upcoming single, Baby I. She posted it on keek, and it goes for 14 seconds. The preview sounds absoloutly amazing!
Ariana live streamed on Power 106 LA, where she played some of Baby I.

Ariana Tweeted-
Live streaming w in 30 min.. Will be answering questions & playing a little bit of my new single !

That was so exciting!!!! Thank you guys for listening & I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. More tomorrow. :) Have a good night everyone

Also tonight on we may or may not be playing a little bit of . :) Send ur questions & tune in at 9p

Here's The Preview-

Ariana also tweeted that we will be able to unlocked the cover art of Baby I, soon, so check out Ari's twitter to learn how (when she announces it)-
More exciting news luvs.. Tomorrow you'll be able to unlock the "Baby I" cover art. :) You'll find out how in the morning!

Monday, July 15, 2013

'The Listening Sessions' Tour

Today, Ariana announced the name of her upcoming tour. It's called 'The Listening Sessions' and will be happening this August, around the US and Canada.
She will be going to Silver Spring, New York, Philadelphia, Red Bank, Lowell, Toronro, Royal Oak, Rosemont and Kansas City from the 13th to 31st of August.

Ariana said they shows are going to be at intimate venues where songs from the upcoming album will be played. The tickets will be released on Friday.

Here are some of Ari's tweets-
Excited to announce that I'm going on my 1st tour "The Listening Sessions" this August. :)

It's called Listening Sessions because we're playing only a few intimate venues & you'll get to hear the music live before the album is out.

Don't worry, down the road we'll be playing more places. This is just the start, the 1st branch is just about introducing u to the music. :)

Sorry guys here's an updated version of the dates & venues I think there were some mistakes b4. Tix on sale Friday!!

Here are the dates & venues-

New Single 'Baby I'!!!

Today, Ariana announced that she has named her 3rd single, Baby I. It will be released on the 22nd of July, in 7 days.
We think the single is going to be amazing!! We are really looking forward to buying it and seeing how successful it is. xx

Sam & Cat - Doubles Season 1

Ariana and Jenette McCurdy's show, Sam & Cat, has been ordered to double it's first season. So far the show has been a huge sucess and has many fans and viewers. The show is ordered to now produce 40 episodes (double the original amount).
Some of the episodes have already been filmed and and there are a lot more to come.
You can read an article about it here. xx

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Over the past few days, a lot of things have happened for Ariana and she has made some big announcements! Here they are, along with Ariana's tweets-

New Song
Ariana tweeted that she might be releasing a new song this month.
You may be getting a new song this month. Who said that oops.
Lol your reactions are my favorite. But yes it's true. Lots of music stuff coming up. Exciting time for us fam. :) Love u have a good night.
Mac Miller tweeted: . bout to release a song that's very awesome.

Song Preview
On Keek, to celebrate her reaching 7.4 Million Twitter followers. Ariana released a 12 second video of some of her friends and fellow musicians, dancing along in a recording studio to a song she is singing.
Wanna hear a few seconds of something special?

Tour & New Single Announcing Date
Ariana tweeted that she is going to be going on a tour this summer, and that she will be releasing the name on Monday. She is also going to announce her new single.
Preorder info still coming soon but on Monday I will be announcing my new single and the name of my first tour I'm going on this summer. :)

We are sure that all this music Ariana is making is going to be GREAT!
We are looking forward to buying her albums!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Ariana's Keek Diaries

A few days ago, Ariana reached 7.3 Million followers on Twitter, to celebrate she decided to post a Behind The Scenes Keek everyday for the rest of the week. Keek is a website where Ariana posts little videos of herself having fun, rehersing and her friends and family.

Here are the keeks so far-
(you can watch the rest of the keeks here throughout the week)

Ariana tweeted-
Thank u 7.3! I will be posting a behind the scenes Keek every day this week like the 1 I posted today to celebrate. Can't wait for u to see.

Ariana in Kansas City

Ariana recently travelled to Kansas City to perform at a concert fopr their radio station, Mix 93.3. She performed The Way, with her crew and said she had a blast!

Here's a short video of her performance from youtube-

Ariana Tweeted-
On my way to Kansas City to perform for tonight!! Can't wait to see you there. Who's coming? Xo

Kansas City with the crew. :) Getting ready for the concert tonight. Who's coming? Can't wait to see you.

Thank you so much Mix 93.3 Kansas City for having me. I had such a blast. <3 The audience was amazing too, thank you guys I hope u had fun.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ariana and Jennette on the cover of Girls Life mag

Ariana and her Ssm & Cat co-star (and one of ehr best friends) Jennette McCurdy, were chosen as the cover girls for the US magazine, Girls Life.
This is the second US magazine cover, Ariana is on at the moment, which is super exciting. In the magazine, they are interviewed about what it's like being best friends and there is even a competition to win a role on Sam & Cat.

Here is a picture of the cover, Ariana posted on Instagram-

Billboard- Best Newcomer & Teen Choice Award Nomination

Over the past few days, Ariana has been nominated in the Teen Choice Awards and has won the Billboard Award's Best Newcomer.

In the Teen Choice Awards, she is nominated for Best Style sponsered by Candies and The Way is nominated for Best Love Song.

You can vote for Ariana and The Way, here