Sunday, September 22, 2013

hey guys, so i just thought i'd make a post to inform you that i will most likely not be able to post anything on this blog for the next around 4 weeks. sorry. to see what ariana's doing, you can check out her twitter by clicking here. xx

Friday, September 13, 2013

Yours Truly #1 on The Billboard Top 200

Ariana's album recently reached Number One on the Billboard Top 200. Ariana's album is super amazing and i think that it's great that it has reached so many sales. 


Happy to announce the first female to have a debut album hit #1 since 2010 is !!

Ariana's New Puppy Toulouse

Ariana has been trying to get another puppy for quite a while and she has suceeded. She has adopted a gorgeous dog and has named it Toulouse. Ariana currently owns a gorgeous dog named Coco. 
Here are some recent pictures and tweets about toulouse-

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Recent Performances

Over the past few days, Ariana has been doing a lot of big performances on TV for fun and to promote Yours Truly. As well as her Listening Sessions tour, Ariana has been super busy.

She has performed Broadway Versions of Rap Songs on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, an acoustic version of Honeymoon Avenue on The Today Show and 'Almost is Never Enough' with Nathan Sykes on Kelly and Michael.

Here are two of the performances- 


Can't wait to perform on this morning with ! 1 of my favorite songs from Yours Truly!!

Performing Honeymoon Ave acoustic on the tomorrow morning, then I’ll be on for something fun & different :)

Singing an acoustic version of Honeymoon Avenue on the today, see you soon

Just had rehearsal with I love him so much. So excited to be on tonight, be sure to tune in, gonna be so fun.

Ariana at Best Buy Burbank

Today, Ariana had an album signing at Best Buy in Burbank. To meet her, fans were asked to buy her album at Best Buy Burbank, which gave them an autographed poster and a group photo with Ariana. The signing looked super fun, we hope that she will do more singing around the world in coming years. xx
You can view the official details below-

See you all at the Yours Truly signing in Burbank at 2pm today ♡

There are no more wristbands for the event today at in Burbank, CA. Another chance to meet:

This autograph signing at Best Buy today was beyond fun. Loved getting the chance to meet y'all, enjoy the album.

Baby I- Music Video

Ariana recently released her music video to her song, Baby I. The music video is super good with a lot of dancing and singing and is super professional. It already has almost a million views and i think will be very successful.

You can click the link to watch in below-

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ariana's iTunes Twitter Chat

Ariana tweeted that she will be doing a Yours Truly Twitter chat with iTunes music. You can view more info on the facebook event here. xx

Doing a Twitter chat with 9/7 at 6PM PT / 9PM ET.. Tweet your questions using :

New osnapitzari Video

Ariana posted a video on her youtube channel osnapitzari, where she and Jones Crow talked about yours Truly. Ariana is super excited about her album and she wanted to share with us the info about the album and her press week. 
Ariana also said that she will be posting more videos on her youtube now that her album is out abnd she won't be as busy.

Live Chat

Today, Ariana held a Live Chat with her Mum and friends Isaac, Jones and many more as a thankyou and celebration of Yours Truly. They talked, answered questions and did some dancing and singing. It was fun to watch and fun to tweet them during the live chat.

Tonight in celebration of my album to thank you for everything, me & the crew are doing a massive live chat at 9pmEst/6pmPst! See you then 💕

Doing a Twitter chat with 9/7 at 6PM PT / 9PM ET.. Tweet your questions using :

Thanks for watching our live chat so fun

Ariana's US Holiday Parties

Ariana made a big announcement to hold a set of 'Holiday Parties'. Later on in the year, throughout the US, Ariana will be holding 'Holiday Parties' which will include Meet & Greets and festive celebrations.

The parties will take place in many cities, including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City and San Francisco. To be get an invitation, you must buy Yours Truly from before a certain time. 

Official details here (make sure to check these if you are interested in getting an invitaion), more info will be released on Ariana's website/twitter about invitations and RSVPs.


Wanna come meet me? here's how :)

Here's the link for the Holiday parties!!!! can't wait to see you guys I'm so excited about this 💕❄

Scooter Braun-
#MajorNEWS -- Buy #YOURSTRULY at by Sunday 9/8 to get your invite to attend @arianagrande's exclusive holiday parties and meet her! #amazingalbum

Thursday, September 5, 2013

'Baby I' Teaser Trailer

Ariana posted the teaser trailer to her upcoming musiv video to her song, Baby I. The teaser goes for almopst 30 seconds and includes footage from the official music video. The music video looks great from what we've seen, with a lot of dancing and singing. 
Here it is- xx


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Album Release Party

Today, after Ariana's performance on the Today Show, Ariana celebrated the release of her album at her release party. Ariana tweeted about the party and said she had a great time, full of tears, laughs and love. 
Ariana, her friends, family, crew and label have put a lot of work into the album, and we are super proud of how it turned out. You can view it on the US online iTunes store here.


album release day is the happiest day ever but I was too excited to sleep last night so this is me

Beautiful day I'll never forget. l Lots of tears, laughs and love. Can barely keep my eyes open... Falling asleep feeling very grateful :)

At my album release party!!!!!!!! This is the coolest day ever :D

Ariana on The Today Show

Today, Ariana's performed on the Today Show, to celebrate the release of her album. 
Ariana sang The Way and Tattooed Heart, in front of heaps of fans in the Rockefeller Plaza in New York, and the performance was aired around the US.

You can see the performances here-

No sleep! Guess which two songs I'm singing on the today. Hint, I have a special guest coming. See u sooon

Thank you for having me, to my amazing fans who showed up ilysm, and for saying "thank you based god" during The Way..

I know today has been hectic but I want to thank my fans in Ny for being here for me today. Want time to hug each & every 1 of you. Thank u.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

'Yours Truly' Out in the US

Just a few hours ago, Ariana's debut album was released on iTunes in the US. It has already been realesing in some countries including Austrlia , New Zealand and more. Ariana has been tweeting countdowns through out the day and it was released around 3 hours ago in the US.
Yours Truly is currently #1 in over 30 counrites, which is a really big acheivement. We are super proud of Ariana, i remember when she first reached one million followers on twitter and now she's almost at ten million.

Yours Truly is now the # 1 album in over 30 countries. Thank you you're makin a little girls dreams come true ily all
kajdiisishajakahhba # 1 in under nineteen minutes y'all are everything thank you so much 💕 I hope you enjoy the album
My album 'Yours Truly' is now available on iTunes: