Sunday, April 29, 2012

Victorious Filming In The Country

Today, the cast of Victorious have posted many photos of each other on Instagram, it is in the country (we think in Arizona) probably filming an episode of Victorious.

Here are the photos posted by Daniella Monet, Victoria Justice, Liz Gilles and of course Ariana Grande.

Ariana Tweeted-

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ariana Gets Liz Gilles To Eat A Blackberry For The First Time

Here is a video Matt just posted of Ariana helping Liz Gilles eat her first ever blackberry, she had never tried one before and when she eats it she spits it back out. What do you guys think of Blackberries, do they taste as gross as Liz thinks they do.

Here is the video-

New Pic Of Ariana's Love Heart Tattoo

Here is a pic Ariana just posted on instagram (ands tweeted) of her new love heart tattoo.

Ariana Grande- Tattooed Heart Song

Ariana has released the name of the song 'Tattooed Heart', which will be part of her debut album alongside PYHU, Honeymoon Avenue and Pink Champagne. Ariana gave out the name when she got heart love heart tattoo, she also played a snippet of the start of the song at teh end of the video
This is what she said in the end of the description box-
"P.s. Tattooed Heart is also the name of 1 of my favorite songs I've written from my upcoming debut album.. I put a little snippet of the beginning of it for you all at the end of this video.. I hope I don't get in trouble for doing this hehe! "
Here is the snippet-

(This is a fanmade youtube video made by StoopKidIsWhatWeAre)

We cannot wait for the full song and music video, we are sure it will be great (Ariana said it is one of her favourites)

Ariana Gets a Small Love Heart Tattoo

Its offical- Ariana has got a tattoo, it is a tiny love heart on her right foot 2nd toe, she posted a video of her getting it. We <3 it (see what we did there), what do you guys think. Getting a tattoo shows a very different side to Ariana, she is still just as sweet though.

Here is the video-

Ariana got the tattoo while she was filming a duet with LMFAO (she said it is a 'Fun' duet [Not tattooed heart])

Here is a Very Long List Of Things Ariana Tweeted About Her New Tattoo-
(Top Most Recent)

To be honest, when we first heard about the tattoo, we were suprised, since we did not think Ariana would do that, but we soon realised how great it looks and why Ariana got it. We <3 It.

Friday, April 13, 2012

@ArianaGrande - Follow Friday

As you probably know, most Fridays, Ariana follows and mentions heaps of her fans. It is going on today. Here is what she tweeted-


Arianas Live Chat- April 2nd

Ariana held another live chat on the 2nd of April- We did not know about it till it was over, so sorry we didnot post anything about it until now.Here is the vid- 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

AAG Instagram- Attention All iPhone and iPod users

We have just set up our very own Instagram account. We are super excited and have already started posting heaps of pics if Ariana that we have tweaked, edited, cropped and added effects to. Here are some pis we have already posted.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Arianas Instagram Pics

Ariana tweeted that she would be posting alot of photos on instagram and she sure was right.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ariana Grande Instagram

Ariana had been tweeting heaps of pics on Instagram lately. She tweeted-

Monday, April 2, 2012

Victorious Wins "Best Show" at the Kids Choice Awards

At last nights Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards, Victorious won the title 'Best Show', all the Victorious cast were really excited to recieve the award.

 Here are the pictures from the night-

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ariana Grande- Twitter April Fools

This April Fools day Ariana tweeted that 'she would delete her twitter account' until she tweeted a few minutes ago when she tweeted "happy Aprils fools". Here are the full tweets-

Go Ariana  : )