Saturday, March 31, 2012

Arianas Nick screen Test

This video is a 'Nick Screen Test' made my Nickelodeon and it is an interview with Ariana talking about general questions as well as questions about being famous.

This is another vidoe we found and it is from and is of Ariana (Cat) and Liz Gilles (Jade), making up a bedtime story because Jade is having a sleepover at Cats house-

Ariana Tours The KCAs

Here is a video we found on Youtube of Ariana talking about where everyone is going to sit at The Kids Choice awards venue. Here It Is-

Here is another similar video of Ariana giving a tour of the arena-

What Is Arianas Nationality?

Lots of people have been asking this and i just wanted to confirm this for you guys.

Ariana is mostly Italian American, with Sicilian and Abruzzese relations. But she recently found out that she is also partly Greek and North African. So she is american, italian, greek and north african. :)


The KCAs Have Began

Just a few hours ago the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards officially began, all the Victorious cast will be there of course as well as pretty much every other famous teen. Celebrities have been tweeting about it all morning and here is what they said-

Avan Jogia Posted This Picture of Him with Ariana At The KCAs-

Some other photos posted of the KCAs are-


Victorious' 2nd Birthday

It has been 2 years since Victorious started and 2 1/2 seasons have been made. In the past 2 years we have been introduced to Cat, Tori has made it shine, Andre has sung, Jade and Beck have fought and Robbie has been, well, Robbie. We luuuurve Victorious and are sure there will be more and more seasons. Of course Cat is our favorite character and if we are lucky she might sing in Victorious again.

Liz Gilles Tweeted-

Remember how different Ariana Looked when she first started in Victorious-

Episosde  1                                                                                   Series 2

Friday, March 30, 2012

Ariana Bakes A Cake

This is a video Arianas friend Colleen (we think) posted of them making a cake together, it also shows some henna that they did aswell. The Cake looks greaaat.

Disneyland With The Grandes

This is a video posted by Arianas friend of her and the Grandes at Disneyland on some of the rides. Here It Is-

Ariana Attending The Miami Easter Parade

Ariana will be attending the 2012 Easter Parade in Miami, Florida. She has been given the title of Grand Marshal at the event, which is part of Bunny-Palooza 2012 which runs from April 6 to April 8. She might even be meeting fans, so if you live if Florida head over for a day of fun and maybe even meet Ariana.

Arianas Final 'Video Of The Week'

This video is of Ariana and Matt Squire talking about Arianas upcoming album, how it is influenced and what it is about.

Ariana And Liz Gilles Dress Up As Eachother

We recently found out that to celebrate halloween last year Ariana Grande and Liz Gilles (Victorious co-stars) dressed up as each other, thats right Arianators, they dressed up as each other (we found this and thought how cool it is). They both looked gorgeous, Liz had red hair and Ariana style clothes and Ariana had brown hair (with blue streaks) with a fake eyebrow piercing.

Here are Some Photos they posted-

Another Old Ariana Grande Video

Ariana recently posted this funny video of her and her friend Colleen when they were younger doing a dance, with Arianas legs and Colleens torso. It looks like Colleen is extra flexible, although the video is not great quality, it is really funny.

AG Week In Videos- Day 5

This is the 5th video posted by Ariana in 'Ariana Grande Week', It is a video of her in her bubble bath photo shoot. It is put to the music of Nikki Minaj's 'Super Bass'. 

(in the end of the video Ariana does a really good impersonation of toddlers and tiaras (or something similar) )

Ariana Is Gorgeous

Ariana hits 1.4 Million Twitter Followers

Yesterday Ariana reached 1.4 million twitter followers, she followed 100 fans to celebrate it aswell. Go Ariana, we are sure she will reach 1.5 million in no time.

She Tweeted-