Saturday, June 28, 2014

Break Free Teaser

Ariana has announced that her next single will be called Break Free and features musician Zedd. Less than an hour ago, Ariana posted the teaser. It features some of the song as well and some of the video. Break Free will be released in 4 days. We love the sound of it and can't wait to buy it!! you can watch it by clicking here

ariana tweeted-
didn't want to spoil too much of the storyline so I only showed a tiny glimpse of the vid....


Ariana has just announced the name of her upcoming sophmore album. She will be calling it My Everything. The album is avaliable for pre-order on Ariana's website as well as some extras by clicking here.
This album cover has been posted on Ariana's website but has not yet been confirmed whether it will be used.

my album is called my everything .... annddd there's more
My new album My Everything now available for preorder @ + exclusive access to my concert stream & more

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hey Everyone!! As you probably guessed from the title, today is Ariana's 21st birthday. To celebrate, over the past few days she has visited Disneyland and spent lots of time with her loved ones. You can watch a video of Ariana day at Disneyland below-

Sunday, June 15, 2014

MMVAs Performance!!

Ariana and her crew just did an amazing performance at the annual MuchMuisc Video Awards in Toronto, Canada. It was Ariana's first performance on Canadian TV and was one of the biggest performances in MMVA history. They performed Ariana and Iggy Azalea's chart topping single, Problem. Ariana wore a gorgeous sequin two piece skirt set.
You can check out the performance below-

thank u Toronto! love u. thanks for having me

see u soooooon

see u tomorrow Toronto