Why We Adore Ariana

Ariana Grande is a super talented actress, singer and is just really good at being adorable. Ariana is really gorgeous and is dedicated to making the world a better place, she follows fans on twitter and supports charities. She is an amazing person, who we are sure will do good things in the future.

20 Reasons Why We Adore Ariana

1. She is kind to her fans
2. She is a super talented actress
3. She is great at acting and singing
4. She is Gorgeous <3
5. She tweets like every 10 minutes
6. She follows fans on Twitter
7. She sings covers on YouTube
8. She uploads videos to YouTube
9. She is on Victorious (The Best Show)
10. She is down to earth and  is not a snob
11. She has the most gorgeous hair
12. She sings 'Put Your Hearts Up'
13. Her music is on iTunes
14. She always smiles
15. She has a lovely voice
16. She is caring
17. She helps charities
18. She has an amazing clothes style
19. She is kind to her fans
20. She is so sweet
We could make a list of 1,000,000 if we could, she is so amazing :)