Tuesday, September 3, 2013

'Yours Truly' Out in the US

Just a few hours ago, Ariana's debut album was released on iTunes in the US. It has already been realesing in some countries including Austrlia , New Zealand and more. Ariana has been tweeting countdowns through out the day and it was released around 3 hours ago in the US.
Yours Truly is currently #1 in over 30 counrites, which is a really big acheivement. We are super proud of Ariana, i remember when she first reached one million followers on twitter and now she's almost at ten million.

Yours Truly is now the # 1 album in over 30 countries. Thank you you're makin a little girls dreams come true ily all
kajdiisishajakahhba # 1 in under nineteen minutes y'all are everything thank you so much 💕 I hope you enjoy the album
My album 'Yours Truly' is now available on iTunes:

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