Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ariana nominated for the MTV EMAs Artist on the Rise

A few days ago, the voting started for the MTV EMAs. Ariana is nominated for the Artist on the rise award. Voting takes place on sites including twitter, instagram and vine, and all you need to do to vote is use the hashtag #votearianagrande or retweet a tweet with the hashtag and it counts as a vote. 

Ariana currently has over two million votes and is super close to singer, Austin Mahone. They have both spent a lot of time at #1 and it will be a very close result. You can view the ladder here, to see who's ahead.

Ariana is currently in Berlin and is visiting many places around Europe, you can see what she is doing on her twitter, here. Any votes for Ariana will be appreciated and it would be great if you could help us win this award.

(this is not up to date, to view the up to date ladder, click here)


Who'll win the Artist on the Rise Award at the 2013 ? It's up to you! Find out how to vote:

omg wait.. I'm literally crying / laughing my ass off at all of your tweets!! ilysm regardless of whether or not we win.

ahhh idk if it's just on my computer but is the # 1 trend apparently. I love you guys so much. You're amazing. Thank you!

oh wait nevermind it was from before lol. 🙊 either way thank you for the votes. :* Y'all are so dedicated, seriously can't thank you enough.

wait now everybody's telling me it IS trending.. I'm technologically challenged, forgive me lol. Either way, the thought is what matters ily

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