Monday, May 14, 2012

Ariana gets a surprise from her driver & Ariana GIF

Ariana got a big surprise from her driver when she arrived back in Florida, she discoverd that her ignitals got sewn onto her car seat, doesn't it look cool? Here It Is-

 She tweeted-

Ariana also recently tweeted a GIF (small animation) using her GIFboom account of her giving a kiss, here it is-

 By the way, we will be making a page on this blog where we will be posting heaps of GIFs like the one above, just because they look so cool and we want to share them with you. AAG xoxo
 ps. please share this blog link on twitter, facebook or tumblr, because we work really hard and if our views grow we will work harder making the blog better. xoxoxo

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